Install and run WSO2 4.0.0 API Manager with Docker

  1. Pull docker images
sudo docker pull wso2/wso2am:4.0.0
  1. Run the API Manager
sudo docker run -it -d -p 8280:8280 -p 8243:8243 -p 9443:9443 --name wso2-api-manager wso2/wso2am:4.0.0
  1. Test if everything is OK


{"hello": "world"}
  1. Done, now you can follow the exercise in the quick start guide
GUI URL User name Password
Publisher https://localhost:9443/publisher admin admin
Developer Portal https://localhost:9443/devportal admin admin
Carbon Management Console https://localhost:9443/carbon admin admin

After rebooting, use the following commands to start the container:

sudo docker container start wso2-api-manager

WSO2 has very good documentation. Unlike, their API Manager works out-of-the-box exactly like Kong OSS.

Note: In order to execute the Try Out successfully you will need to go to https://localhost:8243/ and accept the certificate.