1. Installation options:

    • MacOS:

      brew tap kong/deck
      brew install deck
    • Linux:
      Alternative download / install options are available here:

      curl -sL -o deck.tar.gz
      tar -xf deck.tar.gz -C /tmp
      sudo cp /tmp/deck /usr/local/bin/
    • Windows:
      Alternatively downloads are here:

      curl -sL -o deck.tar.gz
      tar -xzvf deck.tar.gz
  2. Ping Kong's Admin API (only to test connection):

    # localhost:8444 tunnels to a remote Kong that you can connect via Putty
    deck ping --kong-addr https://localhost:8444 --tls-server-name <Host_Name_In_Certificate>

    Expected output:

    Successfully connected to Kong!
    Kong version:  2.6.0
  3. Dump configuration to a file:

    deck --kong-addr https://localhost:8444 --tls-server-name <Host_Name_In_Certificate> dump